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Mending Grief Through Advocacy

Volunteering for Indiana Donor Network as a grieving donor family member can mean much more than the act of the volunteer work itself. It oftentimes serves as a source of healing and comfort during a difficult time. Donor families choose advocacy through Indiana Donor Network as a way to help other donor families who have lost a loved one in addition to paying it forward and giving back.  Through advocacy comes strength, comradery and compassion. Donor families also receive healing by knowing that their loved one gave the gift of life to others. While many donor families may not have the opportunity to meet the recipients of their loved one’s gift, they often find comfort in meeting other recipients through their advocacy work. Words from a donor’s wife express this meaningful sentiment. “Being an advocate with Indiana Donor Network has been a blessing in dealing with my husband’s death because I am able to share his story. I have been able to see the other side by meeting recipients and the amazing impact being a donor does for their lives.” Donor families also express that continuing a relationship with Indiana Donor Network through advocacy work helps them feel connected to their loved one’s legacy.  Many donor family advocates choose to share their story of donation and hope to others, which reinforces the notion that their loved ones are not forgotten. To learn more about becoming an Indiana Donor Network advocate, click HERE.

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