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A Time for Remembering and Celebrating the Gift of Life

Wil Worthington
Stoplights go from red to green. People everywhere are headed to work, school or play. But, for a family that lost a loved one, normalcy and whatever it may be, resonate in our minds and hearts. As if dealing with loss weren’t enough, we fight trying to figure out who we are when all around us return to their lives. Seven years later, and I still deal with these emotions. We lost Noah seven years ago in May. I can’t help but feel sorrow and smile, as I think of my dear son. A car accident took his life and organ donation gave life!  Not a day goes by we don’t miss our loved one, or think of them, or feel them near. However, when I get a text, a call or someone brings him up, I feel myself light up! Someone does remember him, someone does care. Every once in a while, I meet someone who has similar feelings. I love listening to them talk about their loved one and sharing about mine. For a few moments, it feels like our boy is with us again. The Gift of Life Celebration is a time where I get to take a moment and forget normalcy, remember my boy and share with others who feel what I feel. Each one of us light a candle and remember how our loved one lit up our lives. It is a moment where I recommit myself to ever let the light of my boy shine on in my actions, my heart and my soul. As we grieve together that day, we also embrace, remember and celebrate just who they are and were to us.  Deep down inside, we know, that with every passing day, every moment we breathe, they remain alive, in us and with us.  May we ever let their lights shine.

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