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From a Critical Care Nurse to a Donor Mom

Scott Morin
On one night, October 14, 2009, my whole world as I knew it changed. My beautiful 24-year-old son had been shot in the neck severing his spinal cord. He lost a massive amount of blood and would never resume his life as it was. In a single millisecond, his life would end, but his organs could save the life of others waiting for a lifesaving transplant. As a critical care nurse, I had worked with families throughout the donation process, but it never occurred to me that someday I might be one of those families. I learned so much more as a donor family member than I ever would as a nurse. And it was on the other side, that I saw how wonderful Indiana Donor Network truly is. Everyone treated my family and Scott with the utmost dignity and respect and compassion. They were there to place an arm around my shoulder while I grieved over the impending loss of my son. They explained the process every step of the way. Scott had made his decision known by having the heart on his driver’s license. It was easy for me to honor his decision. Donating his organs was a positive thing to come out of his death. Scott would be very happy to know that others lived on because of his donation. Another positive thing is my continued relationship with Indiana Donor Network. I started volunteering there six months after Scott died and it fills my life with happiness to be giving my time to an organization that can change a person’s life. I also met so many different recipients and saw firsthand how grateful they are for the gift of life.

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