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Organ Donor’s Wife Finds Healing at Handmade Hope Event

handmade hope

Four years ago, I knew little about the organization that has become a big part of my life now. My husband, Robert became a hero to several individuals when an accident took him from us but provided life for many others. He was always helping others – so it didn’t surprise me when I learned of his decision to become an organ donor many years prior. He was a loving husband, father, brother, son and friend to all that were a part of his life.

Handmade Hope is a series of events held twice a year that allow families to remember and celebrate their loved ones through arts and crafts. It also provides a chance to meet other organ donor families within the area. My daughter and I have attended most of these events since Robert’s passing. I enjoy catching up with our Indiana Donor Network Family Coordinators and other staff that were there from the beginning of becoming an organ donor family member. We have connected with other families and heard their stories of their loved ones. It is comforting to know there are people out there that share our same experiences. Sharing our story and celebrating Robert at Handmade Hope has been healing in our grieving process. We enjoy creating a different craft each time to help us remember and memorialize the hero Robert chose to be. I would encourage donor families at any stage – whether if it’s been recently or years since your losing your loved one – to attend a Handmade Hope event. It is a great experience. Learn more about Handmade Hope by clicking HERE.

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