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A Donor Sister Details Her Internship at Indiana Donor Network

Madi Roberts
My internship at Indiana Donor Network has been a rewarding experience. I have learned new skills and will apply those skills to further my career. Above all, I have gained an understanding of how this organization impacts donor family members from the inside. I myself am a donor family member and this opportunity has allowed me to carry on my brother’s legacy and his amazing decision to give the gift of life. Whether teaching children about organ, tissue, and eye donation, activating at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or making a trip to the storage unit – each and every task has worked towards one goal: educating people about donation. I am currently a senior at Indiana University. My major is Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management. I aspire to travel the world and move to a big city to become an event planner post-graduation. This internship has taught me the importance of events and how they can significantly impact someone’s life. As I have been on both ends of the events put on by Indiana Donor Network, attending them and also assisting in the planning and execution of the events, it has put into perspective how hard everybody works to provide comfort and celebrate your loved ones’ decisions of giving the gift of life. I will be able to take my experience from my internship and apply it to my future career by putting thought and care into my events. I want to make guests feel special and cared for – just as Indiana Donor Network does. Visit our careers page to learn more.

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