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A Donor Father’s Tribute to His Wife on Mother’s Day

A donor fathers tribute
Sitting in kindergarten at the ripe old age of six, I was eagerly performing my work when I looked up and saw my teacher fall to the ground. I looked to the other teacher, who also fell to the ground. I was filled with fear. Immediately the fire alarm sounded, and we rushed out the door. I quickly issued a prayer to heaven. “Dear God, send me my mommy NOW!” At home, my mother was baking bread, while my younger brother played on the floor in the living room. She heard a voice! The voice told her to go to her son. She had three sons! She could easily hear my little brother playing, so she continued baking. Again, she heard a voice tell her to go to her son. Immediately, she turned off the stove, grabbed my little brother and came to the school. I rushed to her and grasped her around the neck. Between sobs, I told her, “I knew you would come! I prayed for you and I knew you would come!” It was only years later that I realized the sacrifices my mother made for me and my siblings. She gave her heart, mind, body and soul to the raising of her children. Truly she is a great mother. Flash forward years later to May 2011. My wife and I find ourselves in the ER looking down at our lifeless son. Have you considered organ donation? Confronted with that question, I looked at my wife, the mother of our children! This is when I realized just how wonderful she was. Selfless, loving, kind, giving, strong and brave are just a few things that I saw in her eyes when she freely offered our son to turn another mother’s tragedy into a miracle through organ donation. Mother’s Day 2011 is a day she will never forget. Four mothers thanked their Lord above for the miracle of an organ, while she shed tears on my shoulder having given all that a mother had and has, for others. Truly, she is a great mother. May we take a moment this Mother’s Day and truly honor those women who sacrifice all to be an unforgettable Mother! —Wil Worthington, donor father

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