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Handmade Hope: A Donor Family Perspective


By: Julie Brommer, Donor Mother

Handmade Hope is such a beautiful way to remember a loved one. Our family was a little overwhelmed when our son passed away 3 years ago but I remember getting an invitation to the Handmade of Hope and thought what is this and why are they sending us an invitation to this. We decided to go and it was amazing! The staff at Indiana Donor Network helped us make a loving tribute to our son to take home. Making this project had a healing element that we needed. We still go to these and it is always a different project to make and just to be with other families and the staff is entertaining and healing. Our family loves to see the staff and make new friends at these events. When we leave the events we feel a new sense of hope and love from everyone. Take the first step in going and you too will feel as though you are honoring your loved one. This event is a place where you can go and someone is willing to listen to you tell your story of your loved one without judgement in a loving environment. These events are a safe place to go and interact with other individuals that are going through the same pain we are. Take a moment and allow yourself to go to a Handmade Hope event and make a lovely tribute for your loved one.

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