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Reliving Vacation Memories After Death of a Loved One

Reliving Vacation Memories

Sand, water, MLB games, MLS soccer games, putt-putt golf, euchre tournaments, multiple trips to the ice cream parlor, walks on the beach, reading books while sitting in the sun, collecting shells….just a few of our favorite vacation memories.

The majority of our trips did take place in the sunshine state of Florida or at least originated in one of their popular ports. Warmth, sunshine, water, the four of us and grandma and grandpa comprised most of our travel parties.

My sons, Justin & Kyle, would act as our travel guides and make up an itinerary prior to vacation. Countless vacation memories were made and bonds were formed. Five years after Justin’s death, we made the trek back to one of our family’s favorite vacation spots. Instead of my anticipated anxiety, there was a sense of peace.

While lying on the beach, listening to the waves roll in, memories flipped through my mind like a black and white film. Fantastic vacation memories. Loving memories. Memories I am so glad and blessed that we took the time to create. Memories are one thing that Justin’s death cannot steal. They are in our hearts and in our minds forever. Take time to be thankful and start building your own memories, whether on a stay-cation or a trip out of town; you will be forever grateful.

– Janice Langford, donor mother

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