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Being a Social Worker in the Organ and Tissue Donation Community

Heart and Vase

By Laura Weiger, Manager, Family Services

Laura WeigerBeing a social worker, to me, means being an advocate, an educator, a support and a guide. Within our mission at Indiana Donor Network specifically, it means meeting people in their times of crisis and grief and understanding that, while we can not change this reality for them, we can be present with them and support them through it. It also means that, while honoring their own grief, we can educate them about the opportunity for donation and, thereby inspire them to help save the lives of others. Once inspired to donate, we then guide them through the process, which not only allows their loved one to be a hero, but also allows more time for grief work to begin.

Being a social worker has always been an opportunity for giving and receiving. It’s important to have an open mind when working with people, I’ve learned, as that is what has allowed me to continually grow as a professional…the realization that I will likely learn from others as much as I’m able to teach or assist them. In my current role as Manager of Family Services, I enjoy the opportunity to support the mission by supporting the Family Advocates that are directly impacting families and donation. This is a special privilege in that it allows me to work alongside some really amazing professionals and to learn from them while hopefully guiding them, as well.

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