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The Simplicity of Caring for Each Other

Heart in Hands

By Jamie Rivas, Director, Family and Donor Services

Jamie RivasAs a clinical social worker, there have been these moments throughout my career in which I realize that the greatest thing we can do in our field is reach out and help one another. By simply offering assistance to others, together we can make a difference in all communities. Now is exactly one of those times.

To be a social worker in the world of healthcare has meant being committed to the needs of someone else during their greatest challenges. When an individual or family enters a place of uncertainty due to illness, healthcare needs or even loss, they are looking for a navigator. To be a social worker who is able to engage with others, assess their needs and connect them to a place of security is to empower them. All of us have the ability to take on that skill of a social worker. We can all help by asking others around you what they truly need right now. Most of us want to be reached out to and we want to be heard. Ultimately, we want others to show compassion and to help us.

During this time of uncertainty and need, I hope that we all will help each other find a path of answers, resources and support. In honor of social work month, I hope to share the simplicity of caring for each other that the social work career was built upon.

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