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This Mother’s Day: Honoring a Mother’s Giving Spirit

Kevin Sheets

Unexpected. That’s how Kevin Sheets describes the loss of Michelle, a wife and mother of two who gave the gift of life to help others. If there was one light in the darkness, it’s that Kevin knew Michelle felt strongly about becoming an organ and tissue donor.

“Since our boys were born, we decided we would always be donors. Once your soul is out of your body, if there is anything you can do to help someone else, why not do it?”

Kevin says that’s Michelle – being as selfless in death as she was in life. And she was full of life.

Michelle loved taking family trips to places such as Puerto Rico and Gulf Shores. She also loved music, though her preference was more KISS than country until she met Kevin, who will never forget the concerts, cruises and general fun they had in their early days as a married couple.

“She had the most beautiful eyes. They would change color with her mood. They would change color with the seasons. Light gray to green to ice blue. It was the craziest thing.”

Michelle also thought the world of her two boys. Early on, she made the decision to stay home with them, though she made it clear each Friday evening that Kevin was on dad duty. Because of that, Kevin says, he built a bond with his sons that he wouldn’t have otherwise.

He says Michelle made him a better person, a better man and a better father. “I can’t say it enough how selfless she was. A caring and giving person, wife, mother, friend. When I think of her, that’s what I think of.”

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