K. Lewis

Mom and donor hero save and heal 124 lives

“As hard as it’s been for them, I can see how much they can see something positive in what’s happened.” – William Lewis William and Kimberly Lewis began talking about organ donation in the late 1990s when both had relatives on the transplant waiting list. “There are so many in the black community in need of organ donations, but not many of us agree to donate,” William says. “After discussing Read More »

Story of Donation: How does the process work?

“We wanted to try and prevent any other parents from going through what we were going through.” – Drew Vanderkleed Drew and Lisa Vanderkleed tragically lost their son in an accident when he was nearly 2 years old. “When they told us things weren’t looking good for Logan, Drew and I told each other we didn’t want this to be the end, and we started discussing organ donation,” Lisa recalls. Read More »

She Lives on Through Her Gift of Life

“Her life is gone here, but let’s go save others.” – Minerva Coker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM6sxlqT5Pg Minerva Coker will forever remember her daughter’s warm smile and how happy and full of life she was. A beautician, Ayania loved styling her mother’s hair and painting her nails. “She made me feel beautiful,” Coker said. “She always made me feel good about myself.” Tragically, Ayania, 20, suffered a gunshot wound Dec. 5 while driving Read More »

Let Tragedy Create a Miracle

“I just got a feeling our son was saying to us, ‘What are you doing? Don’t let tragedy breed tragedy; let a tragedy create a miracle.’” — Wil Worthington At first, Wil and Rhena Worthington didn’t want any part of it, but minutes after refusing to discuss donating their 11-year-old son’s organs, they both — almost at the same time — had second thoughts. “I was sitting at the end Read More »

Widow of Donor Hero Finds Hope this Valentine’s Day

By Whitney I’m so honored to share with Indiana Donor Network a glimpse into my life as a widow. My name is Whitney, and my husband Ethan died from suicide in 2014. I can’t say that Ethan and I were the lovey-dovey type of married people. We didn’t go all out on Valentine’s Day. We were just too cool for that (ha!). Still, it’s hard not to think of him Read More »

To Have or Not to Have Another Child

By Lisa Vanderkleed To have or not to have another child? The question was on my mind and my heart as my husband, Drew, and I left the hospital shortly after the passing of our son, Logan, in August 2017. As we walked to our car, I looked over at Drew and said, “I want to have another baby.” Drew immediately turned to me and agreed, “Yes, let’s try to Read More »

grave stone

Another Wave of Grief

What you may not have considered by Mandy Montgomery When your loved one passes, there is paperwork to sign, things to go through and decide whether to keep or sell, and the everyday steps of moving on. It’s hard to fathom there are bigger things – living things – to consider. One of these things for our family was deciding what would happen to Chris’s dogs. Chris had two dogs, Read More »

Mandy Montgomery blog post

Celebrating During Quarantine

by Mandy Montgomery Anniversaries, holidays, and celebrations are never easy…especially when you’re in quarantine. I never thought in a million years that we would be sharing our favorite holiday virtually. But alas, we did. Through quarantine, our closest family members weren’t able to see each other. We all hunkered down and took shelter in place as instructed. After all, our parents and grandparents both struggle from being in the high-risk Read More »

Kelli Luckett

Celebrating 20 Years: Kelli Luckett Marks a Milestone Anniversary with Indiana Donor Network

Community development coordinator Kelli Luckett is marking a milestone anniversary with Indiana Donor Network. She’s celebrating 20 years with the organization and giving thanks to the passionate volunteers who fill each day with meaning. “At the end of the day, we’re all here for the same mission, and being able to spend time with them has been the most rewarding part,” says Kelli. “They’ve really become part of my family.” Read More »

Crozier family

A Story of Hope during the Pandemic

A life changer. That’s how Adam Crozier describes the phone call that came more than six years after joining the waiting list for a kidney. It was a call he’d convinced himself was never coming. “My wife and I both, independently, made the mental decision that this is never going to happen, so we’re just not going to worry about it. We’ll prepare for it, and we’ll be ready for Read More »