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Talking to Kids About Organ Donation

Talking to Kids About Organ Donation

Written by Mandy Montgomery, donor family advocate How do you tell a child that someone they loved passed away? How do you answer all of their questions? How do you make light of tragedy to a child? Those are just a few of the things our family had to think about and explain to Chris’s niece,  4 nephews, his son, and his step-daughter. When our family found out that Chris Read More »

Lauren's Love 5k group photo

Celebrating Lauren’s Love at the Indiana Donor Network 5k

On a beautiful day in August of 2017, my daughter, Lauren, and I proudly walked in the Indiana Donor Network 5k in Fort Wayne. We were there to celebrate and recognize a friend’s husband who was an organ recipient. What we didn’t realize at that time is how different life would be one year later. As we walked the family fun route, Lauren ran around with pure joy as she Read More »

honoring at the 5k

Honoring Our Donor Hero at the 5K

Our son died at the age of 22 in 2017. He was an organ donor and that opened the door to the miraculous Indiana Donor Network. Through the aftercare support team at Indiana Donor Network, we had the opportunity to meet Joe’s liver recipient, Kim. Joe’s liver saved her life. We had not yet met her, but we had exchanged contact information and had a phone conversation. Our family wasn’t Read More »

remembering athlete at 5k

Remembering an Athlete at the Indiana Donor Network 5K

My son, Thomas Walls, participated in five different sports throughout his short life: baseball, soccer, wrestling, football and ice hockey. He also learned to sail as a teenager. He loved the physical challenge and the sense of competition. He was not always the star player, but the time he spent sitting on the bench was dedicated to learning the game and supporting his teammates. In successful wins or disappointing losses, Read More »

remembering Tommy

Remembering Tommy at the Indiana Donor Network 5k

Why will our family walk the Indiana Donor Network 5k? This is our story. Thomas (Tommy) Jordan was born January 23, 1999. He was my firstborn who way too quickly grew into a wonderful, caring, loving, Christian young man. This kid LIVED to play baseball. He was so excited about playing baseball during his senior year of high school. Tommy started his senior year really not having a game plan Read More »

5k honors

Indianapolis Family To Honor Organ, Tissue and Eye Donor Heroes at Indiana Donor Network 5k

Indiana Donor Network wants me to do what…a 5k?!?! No way! But then, it hit me. This is for my brother. Ok, let’s do this. It just took one Facebook post. My sister and I shared the event with our friends and family on social media. Before we knew it, we established a team for the Indiana Donor Network 5k. The day of the event, “Chris’s Crew” showed up to Read More »

indy 5k

Finding Hope and Healing at the Indiana Donor Network 5k

The Indiana Donor Network Indianapolis 5K was the first event I attended after my brother’s death. I found an advertisement for it on Facebook and immediately knew I had to be there. It had only been two months, I was still fresh in the grieving process, but I had to attend. We didn’t know my brother was a registered donor. We had no idea the impact that one small heart Read More »