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Crozier family

A Story of Hope during the Pandemic

A life changer. That’s how Adam Crozier describes the phone call that came more than six years after joining the waiting list for a kidney. It was a call he’d convinced himself was never coming. “My wife and I both, independently, made the mental decision that this is never going to happen, so we’re just not going to worry about it. We’ll prepare for it, and we’ll be ready for Read More »

Spring and Grief

Spring and Grief

It is spring and as much as I want it to be warm and lively, it brings the month of May and my dread for preparing myself for my daughter’s 31st birthday and the 3rd anniversary of her death. Spring and grief just don’t seem to fit in the same sentence together, but I find myself staying strong in knowing that my daughter’s life wasn’t in vain.  Her donation of Read More »

Justin Ray Chamberlin

Tissue Donor Hero: Justin

My son, Justin, passed away on May 31, 2018. We only had nine short months with him. It was and still remains the worst day of my life when I was told there was nothing else the doctors could do for him. I received a call from Indiana Donor Network the day he died approaching me for tissue donation. I was honestly happy they reached out to me because that meant Read More »

Abby Ballinger

Orchestrating Tragedy Into Hope

As a nurse, taking care of a donor patient is very emotional. My heart breaks for the donor patient’s family knowing they just lost a special person in their life; however, I also feel inspired knowing something tragic can turn into something miraculous. It’s terribly heartbreaking to say goodbye to someone you love, but what better gift to give than the gift of life. As a nurse, it is encouraging Read More »

Scott Morin

From a Critical Care Nurse to a Donor Mom

On one night, October 14, 2009, my whole world as I knew it changed. My beautiful 24-year-old son had been shot in the neck severing his spinal cord. He lost a massive amount of blood and would never resume his life as it was. In a single millisecond, his life would end, but his organs could save the life of others waiting for a lifesaving transplant. As a critical care Read More »

Lisa Stiffler

Woman Receives Pancreas Transplant, Life Changes

Lisa Stiffler, 54, lay on the kitchen floor. Her teenage daughter stood over her – her voice filled with panic and urgency. Lisa’s blood sugar had gotten low – again. “Mom, are you OK? Mom, eat this snack – it will help!” Since age five, Lisa suffered from Type 1 diabetes. Raised in rural Ogilville, Indiana, she had the constant daily juggling act of monitoring her blood sugar, taking insulin Read More »

Eric Passmore

Two Scars. Two Stories of Survival.

Eric Passmore knows firsthand the meaning of gratitude and never taking a single day for granted. Around the age of 40, Eric grew abnormally tired. After countless doctor visits and “thousands of tests”, he received a diagnosis: hepatitis C, a diagnosis that required a liver transplant to survive. After spending 15 months on the transplant waiting list, Eric received his lifesaving organ on June 8, 2000. For the next 16 Read More »


In a Time of Tragedy, We Found Our Hero

About a year and a half ago, I lost my best friend and the father of my three beautiful children. He was only 31 at the time. We became boyfriend and girlfriend right out of high school. I went into nursing school and would come home from school with all kind of medical discussions. One of them donation. I told him that there was no way that I would donate Read More »