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How many people can truly say they love their job? Doesn’t everyone hope to find a job they are passionate about? Don’t we all strive to work for a company that we believe in?

Kim Hughes-Jobe found that job when she joined Indiana Donor Network nearly five years ago as a clinical support coordinator in the Vital Link Donation Center. Kim was no stranger to Indiana Donor Network. Years before, her son had been in a car accident and had to have a bone transplant in his arm. That gift of tissue gave him back full mobility in his arm.

After her first granddaughter, Kennedy, was born, Kim was in search of a job that would allow her to spend more time with her family. Enter Vital Link.

Indiana Donor Network’s Vital Link Donation Center is a 24-hour donor referral network. Any potential organ, tissue or eye donor in the state of Indiana is called in here, where Kim and her colleagues coordinate cases.

“I’m passionate about helping people,” Kim said. “I love that my position has a direct connection to saving and healing others.”

On a day-to-day basis, you can find Kim and other coordinators taking new referrals from nursing staff and coroners. Then together, they work to determine if patients are eligible to be donors by evaluating medical and social histories, medications and more.

“I value the relationship we have with families and hospital staff,” Kim said. “The longer you work here, the more rapport and respect you build among the hospital staff and it’s rewarding to see the result in more lives saved.”


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