Writing to Your Donor Family

Please click here to review the guidelines on how to write to your donor family before submitting your request. Please note that at this time we are only able to forward letters from organ recipients (i.e, recipients of heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, and/or small intestine). If you are a cornea or tissue recipient, please contact your transplant surgeon.

The following information will help our team send your letter to the correct donor family and will be used for internal use only.

Aftercare - Write to Donor Family
Street - Line 1
Street - Line 2
What organ(s) or tissue(s) did you receive? Check all that apply. *
If we have questions, how may we contact you?

Maximum file size: 1.54MB

Optional – Upload a photo of yourself or your family that you would like to share with the donor family. Please refrain from sharing a photo that contains identifying information, it will not be forwarded along. Also note, if your donor was not from Indiana there is a chance that the photo may not be forwarded along due to differing correspondence practices in other states. If your photo cannot be forwarded we will contact you so be sure to indicate the best way to contact you as mentioned above.

Have Questions?

Contact Our Aftercare Support Team

Call our team at 888.275.4676, ext. 4, or email us at Aftercare@INDonorNetwork.org.

Please include your full name, organ you received, date of transplant and your current phone number even if you think we already have it.