posted on August 10th 2017 in Blog /

The supporting voice of donation often comes from those who work within the community of donation and transplantation. Here at Indiana Donor Network, there is another voice that helps shape the impactful message of donation, the voice of donor families.

In 2016, Indiana Donor Network established a Donor Family Council so that the voice of donor families could be heard. The council is comprised of 12 donor family members from across the state of Indiana, whose loved ones became organ or tissue donors. The members also vary by their relationship to the donor – which is extremely important because this gives the council a dynamic and broad perspective to offer.

Prior to the implementation of the Donor Family Council, the donor family voice would oftentimes be shared through the Aftercare Support team and their feedback. However, there was not a consistent way to hear from donor families, until now. The Donor Family Council meets once every quarter to discuss various topics that could affect other donor families or the community of donation. The council also provides feedback on items such as the content within the grief support materials, the redesign of the Aftercare Support Program and the Peer Support Program – to name a few.

The council gives the families a chance to be a part of a special group of people who have been through similar circumstances and who know what it’s like to become a donor family, which is bittersweet in and of itself.

To become a donor family is a unique honor. An honor that Indiana Donor Network holds high and takes to heart. It is our privilege to have the Donor Family Council as part of our team each and every day.