Indiana Donor Network hits new heights in 2022

February 13, 2023

1,116 organs transplanted – more than any year in organization’s history; 960,000 Indiana residents say ‘yes’ to donation – a new, single-year high


INDIANAPOLIS Indiana Donor Network, the federally designated organ recovery organization that coordinates organ, tissue and cornea donation in Indiana and transplantation throughout the U.S., hit new heights in 2022, transplanting an all-time high of 1,116 lifesaving organs.

The milestone is an 18% increase in annual transplants compared to 2021, when 949 organs were transplanted.

“I’m proud to say we’re on the right trajectory and the future is bright for Indiana Donor Network,” said Indiana Donor Network President and CEO Kellie Tremain. “We are dedicated to investing in cutting-edge technology, new and innovative processes and highly skilled professionals across all disciplines for those in need of lifesaving transplants.”

Also, the selfless gifts of 1,267 tissue and cornea donor heroes resulted in 14,392 tissues recovered in 2022, including 141 hearts for valve transplant, 3,701 skin grafts and 382 corneas.


New liver perfusion technology deployed: Indiana Donor Network took an industry leading step in 2022 by training in advanced perfusion technology that has the potential to keep donated livers functioning outside the human body for up to 24 hours with the use of a liver transporter.

Last year, Indiana Donor Network participated in a trial study in partnership with four Midwest transplant centers, including University of Cincinnati Medical Center, University of Chicago, Northwestern University and Rutgers’ University Hospital. Once approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Indiana Donor Network intends to deploy the device for use in liver transplants at all transplant centers the organization serves.

When packed in a traditional cold storage device, donated livers can remain outside the body for only 12 hours. Keeping a donated liver functioning longer after recovery with a liver transporter will create more time for medical teams to assess a liver’s viability for transplant, improve a liver’s function, and ultimately make more livers available for transplantation.


Kidney perfusion technology saving more lives: Indiana Donor Network’s team of surgical recovery specialists is also specially trained in the use of kidney perfusion pumps, which are utilized in operating rooms during organ recovery and for transport to a transplant center.

Pumps keep donated kidneys functioning outside the body, allowing the organ’s temperature and vascular performance to be constantly monitored and increasing its viability for successful transplant. Donated kidneys on perfusion pumps can be transported up to 250 nautical miles from Indiana Donor Network’s Organ and Tissue Recover Center, reaching patients at 40 transplant centers throughout the Midwest.

In 2022, Indiana Donor Network utilized 10 kidney perfusion pumps for 622 successful transplant surgeries.


Other major milestones achieved by Indiana Donor Network in 2022:

  • Provided programs, grief and counseling services and support to 2,253 donor family members.
  • Registered 960,000 Indiana residents to become organ and tissue donors, an all-time high number of new registrants in a single year; today, more than 4.3 million Hoosiers are registered donors.
  • Relied on passionate donation advocates who volunteered nearly 14,000 hours, equivalent to more than six full-time employees.
  • Led nearly 950 school and community presentations and activations, reaching more than 200,000 Hoosiers.
  • Generated nearly $180,000 in net proceeds for Indiana Donor Network Foundation and its mission to provide financial assistance and support for organ transplant recipients and donor families.
  • Hired 45 new team members for a total of 284, creating its largest staff since the organization was founded in 1987.


Nationally, in 2022 the U.S. surpassed 1 million lifesaving organ transplants since the first was performed in 1954, according to United Network for Organ Sharing. A new annual high of 42,887 organs were successfully transplanted in 2022.

More than 105,000 Americans are currently awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant, including 1,200 Hoosiers.

“The need for more people to make the selfless decision to one day become a donor hero remains incredibly important,” Tremain said. “Working with our hospital and transplant center partners throughout Indiana and beyond, we remain laser focused on saving more lives each year through donation and transplantation, educating more Hoosiers about how important donation is, and encouraging Indiana residents to say ‘yes’ to donation.”

Indiana Donor Network’s mission is to save and enhance the quality of life through organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation. Its vision is to be a leader in organ and tissue recovery. Founded in 1987, the organization coordinates donation in 85 of the state’s 92 counties and serves transplant hospitals throughout the U.S.

Despite age or medical history, anyone can sign up to be a donor at



About Indiana Donor Network

The decision to become an organ, tissue and eye donor is a decision to give the gift of life. Indiana Donor Network serves as the vital link between donors and patients waiting for lifesaving organ transplants, healing tissue and corneas to restore sight. The organization is a federally designated organ recovery organization and accredited tissue bank serving 85 of Indiana’s 92 counties. Its team of more than 284 dedicated professionals is committed to saving and healing lives through donation and transplantation, championing the cause through education and outreach and supporting donor families in their time of need. For more or to sign up as a donor, visit Indiana Donor Network online.
Indiana Donor Network® and the Indiana Donor Network Foundation® are federally registered trademarks.


About Donate Life Indiana
Since 1998, Donate Life Indiana has been the state-authorized nonprofit organization responsible for managing the Indiana donor registry. Its mission is to save lives by creating opportunities for all Indiana citizens to sign up on the organization’s official state registry while striving to raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation through public education. For more, visit Donate Life Indiana online.

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