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Increasing awareness of the facts and benefits of donation and transplantation plays a key role in our mission of saving and healing lives through organ, tissue and eye donation.  Many common myths around donation are oftentimes glamorized in the entertainment industry – making our jobs of educating the facts to our community difficult.

These exaggerations of donation in the entertainment industry serve as an injustice to all donor heroes and their families who made the selfless decision to give the gift of life. They also serve as a distraction from helping people understand the positive outcomes that arise from tragedy.

These reasons moved one of our very own to write a book about organ donation. Meet Robert Horsey, Organ Recovery Coordinator at Indiana Donor Network. Inspired by the lessons and experiences gained through his 11 years working in the field of donation and transplantation, Robert wrote “Gifted.” His book is based on the facts and remarkable impact of the donation process. It is a story of a family surviving grief and sharing life.

“The story was written with as much accuracy as possible in an effort to dispel some of the mystery of the donation process. My mission is to honor donors and their families for their ultimate gifts of life. In addition, I hope to increase awareness of donation. If I can get at least one person to register their donation decision, I will have done my job,” said Robert.

The book is currently available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon and has already received a five star rating from multiple readers. Twenty-five percent of all proceeds from the book will benefit the Indiana Donor Network Scholarship Fund to support the family members of organ, tissue and eye donors, living donors and transplant recipients.