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Did you know that Indiana educators can help save lives and prepare families for the future by sharing information about donation and transplantation with their students and encouraging family discussion?

Indiana Donor Network’s lifesaving mission includes providing Hoosiers of all ages with the information they need to make an informed decision about organ and tissue donation.  As part of our commitment to youth outreach, we’ve added a teacher resource section to our website.

Our free online resources currently include a classroom PowerPoint presentation with teaching notes and video links, stories of hope from families who have been personally touched by donation and transplantation, classroom activities, an interactive donation and transplantation process chart, and other teaching resources. With the help of Indiana educator advocates (pictured above), we’ll be adding new resources on a regular basis.

The teacher resource section also includes online forms for teachers to request a guest speaker or classroom supplies. Our education services and resources are provided at no cost as part of our lifesaving mission.

If you are an Indiana educator, visit to access our free resources and receive updates when new resources are added. If you have a family member or friend who is a teacher, please share this link so they can help us share the facts, share hope and share life!