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The Patriot Award honors leaders for their superior support of Guard and Reserve employees. Nominations come from a Guard or Reserve member or a family member. Jamie Adams is one of those leaders.

Jamie serves as the TxJet Aviation Manager. A nomination submitted by First Officer, Todd Ratzlaff, explains:

“Jamie makes sure that I always have the days off needed to complete my commitment to the Indiana Army National Guard. Jamie is the perfect example of what every employer should be when it comes to supporting the military. He understands the commitment and the level of dedication that myself and fellow members of the Armed Services pledge to our country.”

For this reason, Jamie was granted the Patriots Award.

“In this day and age, I never would have thought that this would have been so important. It seems like this is going to get even more important in the future. I’m honored and happy to support in any way I can,” Jamie said.

Jamie was given a statement of support recognizing Indiana Donor Network as a patriotic employer – joining other employers who recognize the honor of the Uniformed Services Act.

“We fully embrace and celebrate the commitment of our military and respect our enlisted employees,” says Steve Johnson, Indiana Donor Network Chief Operating Officer.

Thank you both Jamie and Todd for your service. We are so grateful.