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Mother’s Day is a happy day and a sad day for me.

My mother passed when I was a mother to two young children. I always grieve for the loss of the moments we could have shared with her. Shortly after my mother’s passing, I was diagnosed with PSC, a liver disease that over ten years of my children’s growing up years made it difficult for me to enjoy many of their special moments.

I was given a priceless gift when they became young teenagers which enabled me to enjoy ten more years before the awful PSC required yet another priceless gift. This priceless gift has now brought me into making many of my happiest moments. I have been able to see my two children graduate high school and college, dance at their weddings and experience the births of five wonderful grandchildren. Not to mention, the 39 years I have been married to my husband.

Even though I have been ill for nearly 30 years causing many sad Mother’s Days – these priceless gifts of two livers and a kidney that allow me to live and enjoy these Mother’s Days are beyond words of gratification to the donor families.

Two mothers have been sad I am sure for 10-20 years grieving the loss of their loved ones. Their sadness is never gone from my heart, but the happiness those mothers have given me is never forgotten.

To those mothers, I can only say thank you for sharing your children with me. Your priceless gifts are cherished every moment of every day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Please remember to share your decision with your family.

Live Life, Love Life, Donate Life.

Julia Rejer – two-time liver and kidney recipient