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We along with Donate Life Indiana are pleased to announce that Bryan Clauson will represent Indiana donor heroes and their families as a 2018 floragraph honoree on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float in the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years Day.


Behind his fame as one of the nation’s top short-track, dirt-car drivers, Bryan was always humble, gracious and the ultimate role model. Expecting nothing in return, he had a knack for making everyone around him feel welcomed and important. Bryan was an inspiration to many, and in death, he continues to do the same. Bryan’s gift of organ donation saved five lives. His gift of tissue donation will heal around 75 more.

His legacy extends beyond his donation. Through Driven2SaveLives, he and his family has inspired over 6,000 people to register their donation decision. The reach and impact of Bryan’s decision will never fully be realized.


The Donate Life Rose Parade Float is the world’s most visible campaign to inspire organ, tissue and eye donation. Donors and families honored with floragraphs have been the subject of hundreds of news stories, capturing the families’ meaningful participation in the Rose Parade. Together with Donate Life float riders, the floragraphs are the centerpiece of the national media campaign to raise awareness about the lifesaving impact of organ tissue and eye donation and transplantation.


A floragraph (pictured above) is a portrait of a deceased organ, tissue or eye donor created with organic materials such as spices, seeds and flowers.

Come see Bryan’s floragraph and wish the Clauson family well in the journey to Pasadena at one of many events across the state in the month ahead. For event details, visit our COMMUNITY EVENTS page.

The Clauson family will travel to Pasadena, CA on December 28. Join them in their experience. Tune in to the Indiana Donor Network social media channels for photo and video updates.