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The topic of organ donation became important to me six years ago when my mother was diagnosed with renal failure. Immediately after her diagnosis, I began to research and study all I could on kidney failure. It eventually became second nature to advocate for organ donation after all I had learned. I used my knowledge on the topic to create a website called, Fuel Better Health offers renal-friendly recipes that our own family uses daily.

While our family awaited a transplant, we were given hope after her kidneys regained function following treatments. We thought she wouldn’t need a transplant. A year later, her condition worsened, and she now receives dialysis three times a week for three hours. My mother’s health is currently stable as she has been on dialysis for six years.

Living with renal failure and being on dialysis is not an easy life. After dialysis, she is often fatigued. My mother manages and watches her blood pressure in association with renal failure. She is often restricted when she has to travel or take vacations due to the narrow length of time she is able to go without dialysis.

Going through this journey with my mother has been a bumpy road. Since the recent passing of my father, my mother is the only family member I have left. Keeping her healthy and giving her the best possible path to receiving a transplant is my goal. To anyone who is on the fence about becoming a registered donor, take your time to understand the facts. It is a big decision, but know that your decision could save someone’s best friend or loved one. My mother receiving a transplant saves the only parent I have left. A transplant is more than a gift – it is hope, love and a happy life.