posted on May 11th 2017 in Blog /

Every day, someone registers their donation decision for the first time.  Every day, someone’s last brave legacy is being a donor. And every single day, someone gets a call that the organ they need is available for transplant.

In April, we celebrated every one of these people – those who have registered their decision; organ, tissue and eye donors and transplant recipients. In the age of hashtags, what could be more appropriate than #ChampionTheCause to accompany all of the activity last month? Each of the people we honor has done just that.

Indiana Donor Network hosted nearly 50 different activations statewide, partnering with communities and hospitals around Indiana to elevate the conversation of donation – demonstrated by donor registration.

More than 20 businesses flew the Donate Life flag. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway lit the pylon up blue and green. Indianapolis Power and Light changed their building light display to blue and green with a donation message. Proclamations were passed by Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana State Senate. Hundreds of Hoosiers stopped at registration events – reaffirming their decision to be a donor, asking great questions in consideration of their decision, and many, checking the box and registering for the very first time.

It is good and appropriate to pause for a moment, reflect, and also, to celebrate. Every donor is brave and every life saved matters. Most Hoosiers say they would want to be a donor, but not all have taken action to register.  National Donate Life Month is the perfect reminder to take this important step and share your decision with your family.  And no matter the hashtag or the month, we work together to #ChampionTheCause every day of the year.