A recipient’s decision to write to a donor family is a very personal choice. Some recipients choose to write to their donor’s family and others do not. Indiana Donor Network is bound by medical ethics and privacy regulations, and we take donor and recipient privacy very seriously.

As a donor family, you may inform Indiana Donor Network that you are willing to receive communications from recipients of your donor’s gifts. You can also decline communications from recipients. The choice is entirely up to you. We will respect your decision.

Indiana Donor Network may be able to facilitate communication between donor families and recipients but only if both parties are open to it. If you are interested in writing to a recipient, please contact Indiana Donor Network’s Aftercare Support team at 888.275.4676 or email aftercare@INDonorNetwork.org.

The following resources provide more detailed information:

Writing to transplant recipients: Simple guides for the family members of organ, tissue and/or cornea donors


Writing to Transplant Recipient

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Writing to Cornea Recipient

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Release of Identifying Information

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