Indiana Donor Network offers one of each of the below remembrance keepsakes to donor families as a way to honor their loved one’s precious gift of life and to provide comfort and healing. Additional keepsakes can be purchased below.

Memory Box


The memory box provides a special place for keepsake items that remind donor families of their loved one. Holding, touching and remembering treasured mementos and memories is a healthy part of grieving. This box offers a place to go to think about your loved one – the good times and the precious moments shared.

The keepsakes placed inside are up to you. Include anything that is special to you and reminds you of your loved one. Indiana Donor Network offers one memory box for each donor family. Additional memory boxes can be purchased.

“By remembering, we keep what is precious and most special as treasures in our hearts forever.”




At the time of donation, Indiana Donor Network honors your loved one with a medal designating him or her as an organ, tissue or eye donor or someone who had intended to donate. The Gift of Life medal was designed as a keepsake to be placed on the memorial or marker at the cemetery and is often displayed at the viewing, funeral or memorial service, so those attending see the impact of the donor’s gift.




Children who experience grief need special support as the death of a loved one can have a lasting impact. The Forget-Me-Not Bear represents a comforting, soft, keepsake that children can hold tight and be reminded of their loved one. Please note, bears are not provided to every family.

“Forget me not, and the love in your heart shall keep me with you always. Forget-me not, for as we live life, we give life.”




“The capacity to love requires the necessity to mourn. In other words, love and grief are two sides of the same precious coin. One does not—and cannot—exist without the other. They are the yin and yang of our lives.” In this compassionate guide, internationally known grief educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt explores what love and grief have in common and invites the reader to mourn well in order to go on to live and love well again.




As a token of appreciation, our Aftercare Support Program is finalized with a beautiful suncatcher, which reads, “Organ and Tissue Donors Give Life Renewed Hope.” You may hang the suncatcher wherever the sun’s rays will touch it or anywhere else you choose. Let the beauty of this blown glass keepsake be a reminder of the legacy given to others through the gift of donation.


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