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Our hands-on activities and classroom games will make learning about human anatomy fun and help students understand what it feels like to be waiting for a transplant. Activity directions, game cards and instructions and a materials order form for free materials.

  • Time is Running Out

    Time needed for activity: Minimal (Enough time to instruct student assigned as the “timer and artist” and to explain to the class the significance of the activity.)

    Materials needed: Smartphone with timer or a kitchen timer

    Instructions: At the beginning of class time, choose a student to set the timer on a phone (or a kitchen timer you provide) for ten minutes. Each time the timer goes off, the student should immediately reset it for another 10 minutes and draw a stick figure of a person on the classroom board. Explain to the class that another person is added to the national organ transplant waiting list every ten minutes.

  • Every Breath I Take

    Time needed for activity: Approximately five minutes

    Materials needed: Small coffee stir sticks/straws – one per student

    Instructions: Give a small stir stick/straw to each student. Instruct the students to hold their nose and breathe through their straw for 15-20 seconds. This demonstrates what it’s like to be waiting for a lung transplant and struggling for each breath. Ask your students to imagine what it would be like to wait this way, often needing to use oxygen, for weeks, months or even years.

  • I Can See Clearly Now

    Time needed for activity: 5-10 Minutes

    Materials needed: Corneal blindness eyeglasses

    Instructions: Pass corneal blindness eyeglasses around the classroom and have each student try them on. These eyeglasses simulate the clouded vision of a person who needs a corneal transplant.

  • ORGAN Bingo

    Time needed for activity: Approximately 10 minutes per game round

    Materials needed:

    Instructions: Distribute game cards and card markers to students. Choose a Bingo calling card. Read the large letter at the top of the calling card – this tells the students what row to look at on their player card. Read the clue on the calling card. Instruct the class to discuss and identify the correct organ or tissue the clue is describing (Answer provided on calling card.) Students who have the correct organ or tissue in the row listed on the calling card can place a game marker on it. Continue reading and discussing calling cards until there is a winner who calls out “ORGAN.”

  • Tissue Tic Tac Toe

    Time needed for activity: Approximately five minutes per game round

    Materials needed:

    Instructions: The game can be played with partners, in small groups or as a class, depending on the size of the game board you create. The game leader selects a clue card and reads it aloud. The first player/group to correctly identify the tissue gets to place one of their markers on the game board. Leader continues reading cards until there is a winner or a “tie game.”

    Materials Order Form

  • Coloring Sheets FOR YOUNGER STUDENTS

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