Saving lives through organ and tissue donation

Indiana Donor Network, one of 58 designated organ recovery organizations in the U.S., is a vital link between people waiting for life-saving organ transplants and donors. Working closely with Indiana hospitals, donor families and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), we are a team of skilled, experienced professionals responsible for overseeing and coordinating organ donation across Indiana. Our non-profit organization with more than 100 employees is also committed to educating Hoosiers about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

Specifically, Indiana Donor Network:

  • Provides Hoosiers with information needed to make an informed decision about donation
  • Offers access to the Indiana Donor Registry so people can register their decision
  • Evaluates potential donors for medical suitability to donate organs and/or tissue
  • Coordinates the donation process according to federal regulations and with the utmost respect for medical ethics
  • Offers grief support services to families before, during and after donation
  • Educates healthcare professionals about the donation process
  • Assists Indiana hospitals in developing donation policies and procedures