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Finding Hope and Healing at the Indiana Donor Network 5k

indy 5k
The Indiana Donor Network Indianapolis 5K was the first event I attended after my brother’s death. I found an advertisement for it on Facebook and immediately knew I had to be there. It had only been two months, I was still fresh in the grieving process, but I had to attend. We didn’t know my brother was a registered donor. We had no idea the impact that one small heart on his driver’s license would have. I am so proud of my brother for making that decision to save lives, but I don’t even really think he knew what that decision would mean to our family. Donation has kept Bryan’s legacy alive. It gave our family time in the hospital to process, grieve and say goodbye – without leaving anything left unsaid. I was so nervous to attend the 5K only a few months after Bryan’s death. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know the emotions that I would feel, but for some reason, I knew I had to be there. I remember the sense of peace I found that day. I saw people gathered around their loved ones: embracing each other. I remember seeing the faces of those that were once sick now healthy and full of life. For the first time in two months, I felt comfort. The thing that struck me the most about that day was the fact that in all of the chaos and chatter that was happening, you could feel the presence of the heroes that gave the gift of life. Mothers, sons, daughters, husbands all gathered together to celebrate a gift, Bryan’s gift, and every other donor’s gift. I am so proud of Bryan and the decision that he made. The Indy 5K was an experience that I will never forget and an event that I will always attend in honor of my brother, my hero.

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