Although organ donation is the ultimate “gift of life,” the experience of losing a loved one is understandably difficult for donor families and friends. Indiana Donor Network’s Aftercare Support program is committed to honoring the memories of organ and tissue and eye donors, and offers reassurance and support to donor families in their journeys.

Remembrance Keepsakes


Indiana Donor Network offers one of each of the below remembrance keepsakes to donor families as a way to honor their loved one’s precious gift of life and to provide comfort and healing. Additional keepsakes can be purchased below.

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Threads of Compassion Program


Offered at a time when there are no words to say, Indiana Donor Network’s Threads of Compassion program provides comfort shawls to donor families at the time of their loved one’s donation.

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Opportunities to Honor Your Loved One


Many families develop an ongoing relationship with Indiana Donor Network, which sometimes extends over several years. Donor families express that they feel their loved one is not forgotten and that their legacy lives on, not only through the recipients they are able to help, but also through the remembrance events held by Indiana Donor Network.

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Become an Advocate

Donor Family Advocates

Our advocates contribute in many ways to help educate Hoosiers about the importance of organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation. Advocacy promotes the gift of life and builds friendships.
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Donor Family And Recipient Communications


A recipient’s decision to write to a donor family is a very personal choice. Some recipients choose to write to their donor’s family and others do not. Indiana Donor Network is bound by medical ethics and privacy regulations, and we take donor and recipient privacy very seriously.

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Request an Update on Loved One’s Donation

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Many donor families ask whether they can have contact with their loved one’s recipients. Some wonder how their loved one’s organ recipients are doing months and years after the transplant or wish they knew how many people were helped with their loved one’s tissue, such as bone and skin.

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Grief Support and Resources


Grieving is both natural and healthy. Communicating with your family, friends and others who have experienced loss is a healthy way to deal with the sometimes overwhelming grief you may experience as a donor family member. Indiana Donor Network has compiled a recommended reading list to help donor families through their grief.

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How to Contact The Aftercare Support Team


There are several ways to contact the Aftercare Support Team.

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